Thursday, 16 February 2012

Almost Finished

Tomorrow is Friday Night Sew-In and I'm hoping to finally finish my Japanese Circles and Squares quilt that I did in a workshop with Susan Briscoe.  Today I have a little more tying to do, then I'll spend tomorrow evening sewing the binding - which seems to be a classic Friday evening occupation at the moment, suitably relaxing/mindless!!  What will you be doing?


  1. Enjoy the Friday night sew-in. I should join it again, but I do Friday night sew-in most night anyway hehe! Did you see my trip around the world blocks on FB? I'm using my vintage Japanese fabric for them - have a lovely weekend Lis - hugs Nat

  2. Having taken advantage of half term to sew sew sew, I noticed last night that there is loads of paperwork that has been ignored so I think I might have to do boring stuff :-(


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