Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Festival of Broken Needles

How quickly the years go.  It doesn't seem very long ago that I was writing a post about the Japanese tradition of hari-kuyo, the Festival of Broken Needles, and here we are on 8th February again.  You can read the post here, with all the details and there are some great photos of a ceremony here.

This year I have been putting my bent, blunt and broken needles in a little cylindrical tin and today I've thanked them, wrapped them and settled them down to rest.  The little bag is decorated with Cretan Stitch and Herringbone Stitch and is my TAST2012 piece for the past two weeks.  I've put a loop on it so that it can hang with my other TAST "baubles" (which are now on various themes, not all Christmas).  I loved doing the Herringbone, I could get quite a good rhythm going but the Cretan made me think - thread under the needle, thread over the needle, oops, try needs more practice as I think it's a nice stitch.  This week the TAST stitch is......Chevron Stitch.
Australian designer, stitcher and all round textile wonder woman, Lynette Anderson, has posted about her meeting with our sensei, Bryan, take a look here.
Another great report on the Tokyo Quilt Festival is here.   Better make yourself a cup of coffee!


  1. i remember your broken needle ceremony and what a lovely bag. i've given up on keeping up with TAST. i just can't do it all even though i try.

  2. They have a festival for everything, don't they. Must be exciting and fun to live there... always something to do.

  3. Lovely idea, better than the ox I chuck mine into

  4. Um, BOX, not OX, please don't call the RSPCA!!

  5. I read about the broken needle ceremony last year. Love your bag.

  6. Thanks for reminding me about the broken needles day. Yes it came too quickly. I started my tin too, but haven't broken many needles since - hugs Nat

  7. How interesting, I never heard about this tradition.
    I love your pouch.

  8. My the last year has flown by..... beautiful stitching :-)


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