Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow Dyeing Take Two

Thank you for all the helpful comments on my last post about snow dyeing and thank you especially to Julie who posted about her own fantastic snow dyeing.
We still have plenty of snow so I thought I'd have another try and take things snowly today.  I've set the fabric on the wire rack and I've left it outside.  I'm keeping an eye on it in case the birds think I've put out a massive cup cake for them!  If a freeze is forecast tonight I think I'll bring it into the lean-to.  I've got three pieces of fabric under the snow, all folded/scrunched in different ways.


  1. beautiful. no chance of snow here.

  2. I left some purple snow dyeing outside last night and it is looking at being the most promising. I would leave it outside if the dye hasn't all got into the cloth and it freezes you will get some good results as it thaws. Just put some of my photos up. Can't wait to see your results.

  3. This is cool! Love your colors

  4. I'm impressed with the amount of snow you've got. Ours is looking very sorry for itself today so no more snow dyeing here. Love your colours too.

  5. What fun Lis. Thanks for the link to Julie's blog too. I enjoyed reading all about her snow dyed - have a great day - Nat

  6. Very cold here, but no snow! Pity, I would have loved to try this method of dyeing.


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