Friday, 10 February 2012

More Snow

I woke up to a sunny, snowy morning and rushed out with my camera:

My snow dyeing bundles are frozen solid but most of the dye has passed through the snow so I've brought the fabric into the lean-to to thaw slowly.
DH's toe is a lot better, stitches out on Wednesday.  He drove the car yesterday and is no longer taking pain killers, thank you for all your best wishes.
Today my lovely DD and my scrumptious Sam are coming over for lunch.  Before that I hope to get a binding on a second Fat Quarter Frenzy quilt I've made and then I can sit down this evening and do the hand stitching of it.  Have a lovely day and keep warm and safe.


  1. What lovely snow! I wish it snow here :(
    Glad that Al's toe is better. You are such a great nurse with all the TLC you have been given him! Enjoy Sam and Saz for lunch. I miss my G-children!

  2. Hi, Lis. Lovely snow photos, but unlike Nat, I do not wish it would snow where I live. I think I've grown out of the cold! Enjoyed your blog, especially your snow dying (one of the few reasons I can see for having snow, unless you ski)--you've got some interesting results!
    best from Tunisia,

  3. i love to see the snow before the footprints and car tracks hit it. so pretty. and i do so love your banner.

  4. dieing ?? to see your dyeing results

  5. Such pretty pictures!

    Living in snowy conditions must take a bit of getting used to, I imagine.

  6. Pleased to hear Al's toe is getting better... Beautiful snow pictures too thanks for sharing :O)

  7. Look forward to seeing theesults ofthe snow dying :-)

  8. Looks like you had a good covering of the white stuff! We had a bit the previous weekend but I'm afraid I wasn't as eager as you to get out in it to take pics. Brrr
    Teresa x


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