Saturday, 11 February 2012

Frost, Freezing Fog and a Finish

I know we English are obsessed with the weather but that's because we have weather (and not climate).  Awoke to freezing fog and minus 13 this morning so you're going to be treated to another batch of photos, just to make my friends in the Southern Hemisphere feel glad about their stifling heat and humidity!

As my friend, Sal, pointed out we are very fortunate to still have a doorstep milk delivery here (although it costs us 64p a pint for the privilege) but I don't think this pint will be useable.  As well as the milk being frozen the bottle is shattered!
Last night I sat in front of the fire and stitched the binding on this quilt.
It's another version of Fat Quarter Frenzy and was made with the birthday FQs sent to me by my lovely Global Piecers friends last year.  I hope you approve ladies.  It's called "One of a Brace" in reference to the pheasants on some of the fabrics and yes, there will be a partner to make up the brace, eventually!
Have a great weekend, I'm off to make a mug of hot chocolate and then work on another quilt.


  1. Amazing photos of the frost. The milk bottle tells it's own story.....shows it expands quite a lot when freezing doesn't it. Do enjoy the warmth and your quilting.( as you said it is quite warm here in NZ the last few days.)

  2. I haven't had doorstep milk for many years, I had forgotten about how it can freeze like that.

  3. It's been many years since we have had bottled milk yet alone delivered to the door... sweet childhood memories, we are blessed as a family to live on a farm and have our milk fresh from the cow! Loved the beautiful window pictures... nature is so amazing!

  4. Lovethe snow pics. Is #3 down on glass? It looks so lacy and delicate. The quilt looks great too, such warm vcolours :-)

  5. We are freezing, but no snow here in Florence. I saw a picture from the satellite, all Italy is under snow BUT Florence.
    I love your quilt and the warm colours, I had to look what you meant by 'brace'(no Japanese yet, but my English is improving).

  6. Amazing frost on the glass - so pretty! But I'm so glad it was frost-free this morning.
    Lovely quilt - I'll bet it was nice and cosy sewing the binding with that on your lap!
    Teresa x


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