Saturday, 18 February 2012

FNSI February and Blue and White Heaven

For a little Saturday eye candy I want to share this blog post that I hopped to from Sri Threads on Facebook yesterday:
I then happened across an earlier post:
about Sri Threads and again full of beautiful photographs.
Then this morning I was reading Julie Fukuda's great blog and found she has been lauded in the Japan Times.  What a star, I do hope I get to meet up with Julie when I'm in Japan (if she can find time).
And so a happy time was spent in wonderful cyberspace.
I did finish my Japanese Circles and Squares quilt during FNSI and so here it is:
In Susan Briscoe's workshop she taught us how to add applique circles to the squares pattern.  I found that, with the fabrics I'd used, the circles didn't show very well and so decided to sashiko a circles design instead.  The pattern of interlocking circles is called Seven Treasures, Shippō 七宝  This was just stitched on the quilt top after I found using the sashiko as a quilting stitch was unsuccessful.  I thought I would then machine quilt "in the ditch" but this would have cut through the hand stitching (I should have worked the sashiko and machine quilting in reverse order!) and so I decided to tie the quilt.  Anyway, I am happy with the finished quilt and it is a perfect size (I didn't add a border to Susan's original design) to sit over my lap and keep me toasty without swamping me.
I hope you had a good FNSI (chocolate honeycomb flapjack was my treat of choice for the evening).


  1. i just love your sashiko circles on the quilt. and that link 'weaving the waves'...magnificent. i just love seeing the threads on the loom preparing for pattern. thanks for sharing.

  2. Well done! The quilt is BEAUTIFIL!

  3. A slip of the fingers in the last comment. The word should of course have been BEAUTIFUL!


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