Wednesday, 19 May 2010

AccuQuilt Go! Fabric Cutter Giveaway

Wow, what a lot of wonderful things there are going on in blogland at the moment.  I have just come from  Kelly Jackson's blog, I Have A Notion and she has a great giveaway of an IHAN GO! Fabric Cutter by Accuquilt
You can take the straightforward 'make a comment' path for one entry or there are loads of more challenging options to gain extra entries. This is my entry and you should shoot over there too.  I know that reduces my odds of winning but quilters are kind like that :) 
The giveaway ends at on 28 May at 9.00 pm CMT so you've plenty of time.
This is what you can win so I reckon that's worth a bit of effort but, not being on texting terms with Oprah I decided against anything in the Ten Entries section.  Nor am I prepared to share photos of my sewing room with you as it is currently stacked with my darling son's worldly goods so that leaves me with trying for three entries by

"Writing a story, on your blog, about  My most embarrassing moment quilting or not."

Well, it's got to be my most embarrassing quilting moment as I couldn't possibly share my most embarrassing ever in my whole life moment.  Although if I win the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter I promise I will - how about that for an incentive to choose me Kelly?
Okay, I've only been quilting for about four years so I've obviously got a lot to learn but I tend to be a "let's just give it a go" sort of person rather than a "let's read the instructions carefully and then get started" sort of person.  I had gathered a good selection of quilting magazines and one or two books but hadn't really read them particularly carefully.  No, untrue, I hadn't read them at all. 
So, I get started on my third ever quilt which is also my first quilt which will have traditional blocks in it.  My first quilt was an attempt at stained glass and my second a bargello for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary (it came out okay, a lot of love and not much skill in it). 
I'm cutting fabric into little pieces and sewing them back together and it's taking a long time.  Hmm, I reckon what I could do is sew one after another together in a long strip without removing them from the machine and then I could snip them apart.  This would save time and thread.  It's a good idea, it works really well and I'm feeling pleased with myself. 
So smug and pleased with myself in fact that I decide it would be a good idea to share my wonderful technique with the quilting world at large and later that day I sit down at my computer to type an email to British Patchwork & Quilting Magazine
I am eternally grateful to the God of Red Faces that while looking for the email address of P&Q magazine I came upon their regular "In a Nutshell" page and noticed a little section headed, "CHAIN  PIECING".

I didn't send the email and this is the finished quilt!


  1. Oh...I love the quilt and the story.....everyone is making this so hard, not that I have to choose but I want everyone to win one...and if you don't win one at Kelly's I am giving one away at the middle or end of June, so stop by....

  2. I think that I have had a similar experience, and thought I had the perfect quilting technique. I dreamed about designing quilts made like you cut a snowflake from paper. Well then a few days later I saw a picture of a Hawiian quilt. Talk about deflate my ego.

  3. Oh you are not alone....and it is a good story. Someone complimented me on my Trapunto....and I is not Trapunto....I just stuffed it. Thankfully they were polite and just kept going.....those are the fun memories...LOL

    Good Luck in the drawing.



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