Friday, 21 May 2010

A Difficult Choice

It's that time again, a lovely evening to be spent in poddy clothing and comfy slippers, with our favourite foods (don't get the chocolate on the sewing though) and the whole evening to devote to our lovely passion
there is a problem for us stitchers in England that Heidi  probably didn't foresee.
Tonight is also THE night.
Yes, at 9.00 p.m. on the good old BBC is the final ever episode of

What's a girl to do?
This is my plan.  An evening of sewing until just before 9, then a quick trip to the kitchen to stock up with a consoling drink and some fruit cake.  Then an hour in front of the television - with some hand sewing on my lap but probably not being touched.  Then, at 10, if I am not too distraught, (or weary), back to the quilting,  I'll be working on my miniature Storm at Sea, watch this space.

And yes, I do know about i-player and recording television programmes but it just wouldn't be the same would it?


  1. I can understand you about watching live and recording not being the same - your plan for tonight seems good to me!

  2. Thanks Ellu, are you joining the sew-in? Have a good time if you are, Lis x

  3. I totally get why you are torn between these two. Sewing.. and a good TV show. I've been there. But sewing until 9 when the show starts totally counts! So no worries.. do what you can and then watch that show - I've never heard of it but I'm interested now!

  4. Lis
    I still have to figure out how this sew-in actually works... Is there any description somewhere in blogland?

  5. Ellu, if you go to Heidi's blog (click on her name in my post above) you'll be able to find your way to instructions for the Friday Night Sew-Ins. The sign-up list etc for the May one was at
    and Heidi will announce the date for June on her blog soon. Hope to see you there.
    PS if you let me have your email address I can write directly to you :)
    Lis x

  6. Thanks for the link! In that case, I'll be following Heidi's post as well. By the time she announces the date for June, I might have made up my mind whether I'm good enough to join ;-) My email address is ellusillu(at)gmail(dot)com


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