Monday, 3 May 2010

Hello Tokyo

We are now back at our ryokan after our second day of adventures in Japan and are feeling very pleased with ourselves and grateful to everyone, particularly Nat, who has given us help and advice.  Our three main worries were communication, transport systems and toilets!  Obviously we haven't learned to speak Japanese but can manage to say "thank you" and with a lot of gesturing and smiling we are getting on fine.  People we have met sometimes speak quite good English and everyone has been willing to help us out.  The transport system appears completely overwhelming.  There is the metro/subway system, the JR (Japanese Railways) and various private railways too but they are all integrated and, fortunately for us, lines are colour-coded and have numbers as well as names.  Some maps have just colours and the names in Japanese and some maps also have an English-equivalent name as well.  It is actually a lot like using the London Underground once we got the hang of it and if we aren't sure about the fare it's possible to buy the lowest price ticket and pay at a fare adjuster machine at the end!  So finally, the toilets!  We read all the instructions but have mainly found Western-style toilets with the added convenience (ouch, sorry) of heated seats and built in bottom-washing.  Al says to tell you it's warm water too.  Quite an experience.
We have been busy making the most of our time here.  Yesterday we visited a clock museum and a Taiko drum museum and shop (guess who chose those).  Today we went to Nippori - Fabric Town (guess who chose that).  We have missed almost all the cherry blossom but we visited the Nezu Shrine yesterday and it is a sea of azaleas, amazing.  Today we went to Ueno Park where there was a lone cherry tree in blossom but the peonies were in their prime at the end of a very long queue to view them (national holiday 2).  I bought a little fabric... but fortunately for my wallet and the risk of excess baggage charges the biggest shop in Fabric Town, Tomato, is shut for Golden Week.


  1. goodness me how clever you both are in gettting to see so many things in a foreign speaking country. Not sure how well we would have managed. Glad you were able to get a litte bit of fabric to remember your time in Japan..
    take care
    The Rag Picker

  2. Hello to you both,
    The information appears daunting for Japan but once more you have survived the ordeal.
    Enjoy the last couple of days of your Far Eastern Tour and prepare to return to a changed U.K.after Thursday. Well all the signs indicate different coloured flags on the In and Out trays of our M.Ps. with the same contents remaining in the trays!!!Have a safe journey home.
    Love M & D.xxxx

  3. Sounds wonderful, your trip has been great for those of us at home! cant wait to see the photos but not all of them eh!

    Take care and enjoy the last few days
    Jane x

  4. What a brave pair you are and such a shame Fabric Town is closed.:o( Never mind I'm sure you have added quite substantially to the stash;oD Travel safe

  5. Oh Lis, I do so missed it back in Japan. I forgot to mentioned about transport systems, but you seemed to managed excellently. Sorry to hear that Tomato was closed. I hope you got some fabrics you wanted. Look forward to see your photos. Have a safe trip home - Hugs Nat


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