Sunday, 30 May 2010

Clover Fork Pins Review

I promised I would write reviews of the notions I bought when I was in New Zealand and I'm going to start with the Fork Pins from Clover as I have been using them quite a lot and feel qualified to judge now!

These pins are also known as "mortgage pins" because they are rather expensive.  I paid for mine in Australian Dollars but I looked on the Clover website and they are priced at US$9.50, that's for 35 pins.  I also checked on several UK websites and found the price varied from £5.65 to £9.89 which shows it pays to shop around.

What They Claim To Do
I was sold the pins on the promise that they would ensure very accurate piecing and all my seams would line up perfectly...
The fork pins are very fine, 0.56mm, and don't seem especially robust but they actually went through several layers of fabric easily and smoothly once I got the knack.

How I Used The Fork Pins
Match the seams together where they are to join.
Put the fork pin through the seams with one prong either side of the stitching.  This will hold the fabric securely in position for sewing, especially if the seams are pressed in opposite directions and "lock" together nicely.
I was assured that the fork pins had been designed to allow machine stitching with them in place.  I found it worked well but if you are the sort of person who would NEVER do that, look away now!

My Results
So, what were my results like?
I actually had quite a lot of variation in the accuracy of my seams with these pins.
Some joins were a little way off
while some were spot on

To Buy Or Not To Buy
I now find the Clover fork pins easy and satisfying to use and I think, with further practice, my piecing will be reliably accurate (if not perfect) with their help.  So I am happy that they were a worthwhile purchase and not something to delegate to the "interesting but useless gadget" cupboard!


  1. Nice review. All the photos you took let you see exactly what you are talking about. I have seen the pins and thought about buying some but haven't yet. Maybe I will invest in a few now that I have seen your review.

  2. Thanks for your review, Lis. I thought about buying these pins, but they are also quite expensive here in the Netherlands......
    But after what you showed us I think I will buy and give them a try!!!!
    Have a lovely week! Love, Ria.

  3. I haven't seen this weaponry. I will keep an eye out for them.

  4. If you imagine that your seam line is drawn on the fabric. You need to pin so that pin goes in before the line, and comes out past the line. This way the place you are going to sew can't move. It looks to me in your pictures that your pins go in and come up before the seam line. This is probably why some are off. When I learned to do this my piecing improved a lot. I haven't used these pins, I just use 2 pins, one each side. They look good though, I may have to try them. :-)

  5. I just love my pins and yes occassionlay I do get it wrong but have to say I think they are the best thing since sliced bread!!!. I find I am using them most of the time now. Yes they are expensive around $21 to 24 NZ dollars but I am pleased I did invest in a packet.
    the rag picker of Picton.

  6. I've never seen these pins before. There is always something new. They are very clever at Clover coming up with something you can't live without.


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