Monday, 10 May 2010

Home Now and Some Photos of Tokyo

This is the sleeping area of our room at Ryokan Sawanoya.  We were both surprised how comfortable it was to be sleeping on the floor, especially Al with his bad back, but we both slept well each night.  You can see the table where we could enjoy our own little tea ceremony.  Somehow the room made us try to be elegant!
This is the view of the lovely little Japanese garden from our bath and we could even open the window for some cooler air when the hot bath got to us.
And you just had to see these photos - the Japanese toilet.  Wow, I want one, or even two.  Look at the control panel:
I've been moaning about cold toilet seats ever since we got back to England!  Okay, something on a slightly higher level now, this is a lovely statue of Buddha near the Yanuka Cemetery and in a wonderful setting.
Near our inn was the Nezu Shrine and they were enjoying their time during Golden Week with a Spring festival to enjoy the azaleas.  They were amazing.
We didn't take many photographs in Japan.  Their electricity system is different from ours and we would have needed both an adaptor and a transformer to be able to charge the camera battery and didn't think it was worth it for three days.  Next time we will definitely get one and then I can click away to my heart's content.  Here are a couple we did take of the concert we went to.  I've got a little piece of video too to remind us of the music but haven't worked out whether I can put it on this blog.  Any advice anyone please?
Finally, I couldn't have a blog post about Tokyo without some cherry blossom, although it was almost over when we were there.  We did find this tree looking wonderful so I imagine it's a different variety from the usual.
We got back to Lincolnshire yesterday afternoon and the garden isn't quite as much of a jungle as I feared, the house has stayed safe and we had nothing nasty in the large box full of post waiting for us.  (No big cheques either). 
All we need to do now is unpack.....


  1. Hi Liz, great photos from Japan. Yes I missed the warm toilet seat too. It's getting colder here in Australia. Glad all is well at home. Unpacking will bring back nice memory of your trip - Hugs Nat

  2. Hi Lis, Great photos once again. Your bedroom looks very tranquil and relaxing.
    Teresa x


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