Sunday, 23 May 2010

Temari and Thimbles

I had this very exciting package all the way from Japan on Friday - excellent service too as I only placed the order from Chloe Patricia  on Sunday 16 May.

Lovely Nat had given me the information about these wonderful Japanese thimbles and also a link to making the bases myself

Making A Thimble Base
and this is what I ordered:
I'm going to make a Japanese silk thimble and a pin cushion.  I'm a little bit nervous about it - it looks very fiddley - but the instructions are good and clear.  I'll keep you informed with my progress.
In the meantime, if you want to see some gorgeous examples of woven thimbles, go to Temari Train, Debi's work is absolutely stunning.   

Temari balls are an folk art form that originated in China and were introduced to Japan five or six hundred years ago. The balls were originally made by mothers and grandmothers for the children to play with ...

 The photos of temari above are from the fantastic website which has a wealth of information, illustrations, tutorials and links and is well worth a serious browse.


  1. Lis, you are going love it. I'm addicted to stitching the thimble and I'm now making my own base - Have fun Nat

  2. That looks so great! In the link it shows how you make the base..... How do you make that gorgious pattern on it, after that???? I sure would like to try it myself.... :))))
    Thanks Lis! You are so talented!!!
    Love from Holland.


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