Saturday, 1 May 2010

Bye Bye Australia

A quick hello from Sydney Airport where we are waiting for our overnight flight to Tokyo.  Reading the Lonely Planet guide last night and doing a bit of planning - like how on earth to get to our ryokan from the airport - I found I may have made a bit of a mess up as there are three national holidays in Japan in the four days we are there!  I'm hoping it means lots of people will have escaped from Tokyo for a few days and it will be less busy.  I just hope things will be open as they are on bank holidays in England.  Hey ho, watch this space!
We've had a lovely last few days in Sydney.  Today we went out to the "iconic" Bondi Beach and watched some very good surfing while eating some yummy baklava!   Strange, the adjective for NZ was "awesome" while for Sydney it has been "iconic". I wonder what it will be for Tokyo - I hope it's not "closed"!
Time to let another passenger get free internet access...
love and hugs from downunder.

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  1. Lis, I hope you would have arrived in Tokyo and settled into your hotel by now. Looking forward to hear all about it - Hugs Nat


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