Monday, 22 March 2010

A Little Bit of Gorgeousness

Here are some photos of that hand dyed fabric I bought at the Pasifika Festival last week:

I'm heading off towards South Island, NZ in the morning and I'm making a few days stop in Taranaki on the way.  I'm very excited (and a bit nervous) as I'm going to be meeting up with some fellow bloggers.  I'll take some photos and post about our meetings as soon as I can, watch this space.


  1. Oh Lis: what a beautiful fabric!!!!!! I really love t!!
    Hope you enjoy your day and have fun with your meeting!! I will be looking forward for pictures and your post about it!!
    Hug, Ria.

  2. Lis, these are lovely. Look forward to really seeing them.

  3. I'm looking forward to meeting you Lis, and I guess I am a little nervous too! But mostly excited!!! C you Thursday!

  4. Beautiful fabrics Lis, and they will certainly be a great reminder of your time spent here in NZ.

    As for meeting up with strange Kiwis, we are a pretty laid back bunch as you probably know, down here. Will be interested to see photos of your blogging friends. And...... I'll get to meet you too sometime when you return from your trip down south, that's exciting too!!

  5. His Lis, the fabric is just beautiful. What are you going to do with it??? How do you go about setting up meetings with other quilters in other Countries. Cheers Sharron

  6. Hi Lis
    what gorgeous fabric, you will have to show me before you leave. We were really nervous about meeting you too. So pleased I asked you to stay and you accepted!!!

  7. You need to come home, I am at a stage that I don't know what to do now with my patchwork!!! glad you are having a brilliant time xx


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