Sunday, 14 March 2010

Pasifika Festival

Here are a few photos from the Pasifika Festival yesterday.  We had a great time, the atmosphere was superb and there was plenty to enjoy - dancing, music, food and crafts.  The last photo is of our lunch which was Tongaean pork with a noodly thing with "cow meat"  and a raw fish dish (tasty sauce but not sure about the texture of the fish, bit offally for me) and taro which is grown and cooked like a potato and was quite nice but would have been better with melted butter and cheese!!  We also had some delicious puddings - pineapple pie and then half a pineapple filled with ice cream, yummy and ideal on a hot afternoon.  Each of the Pacific islands had their own "village" and there were some lovely crafts to see.  I only bought one piece of fabric, a dyed piece from the Cook Islands, but could easily have been tempted by more.  It was lovely to see all the ladies in their floral headresses and brightly coloured clothing, a real boost as all the shops are full of black and grey here as Autumn approaches!  There were frangipani trees for sale, oh that I could smuggle one back through customs and have it thrive in Lincolnshire!  Definitely a good day out and I'm glad we finally got to Pasifika, this was our third try!

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