Sunday, 7 March 2010

Northland Idyll

The photos will follow but we just have time to say hello while Stefano cooks our Kahoe Beef steaks!  We have had some great sunshine enjoyed on stunning beaches and just had to call in at the local vineyard.  Have also had plenty of time to relax - I've even finished a book, "Seven Summers at Valley Homestead"... gardening and NZ, if only the author quilted too!  The wildlife here is great, some lovely birds, and tomorrow we are going for a forest (bush) walk and hope to find tuis, we've heard but not seen them so far.  Steak is ready....


  1. Hello Lis & Al
    Trust that you enloyed the steak. We did not realise we had another author in the family. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers might be an interesting follow-up to Seven Summers!!
    We are still envious of your warm climes in NZ. We are experiencing more cold weather, burning the logs fast and furious.
    Our love A&Dxxxx

  2. That sounds wonderful! We are looking forward to our week in NZ from 19th. March. Can't wait to see some photos - Hugs Nat


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