Wednesday, 3 March 2010

To The Sea


We went to Port Waikato after brunch this morning.  It's a lovely black sand beach and we planned to clamber over the rocks, looking in the rockpools and searching for dinosaur fossils.  Unfortunately we didn't think to check the tide times and arrived to see very few rocks and certainly no rockpools!  Maybe it was the end of the tsunami that made the tide particularly high!  Anyway, we spent a lovely while sitting in the sunshine, watching the waves and keeping an eye on two surfers who seemed to have swum a long way out in the hope of catching the ideal wave.  Rather them than me!



  1. Beautiful - looks miles from civilisation.
    Teresa x

  2. Hi Liz
    Taranaki has a few rocky beaches, found a beatuiful shell the other day! Have I enticed you enough! Perhaps a mountain walk, or a wander along the beach front walkway in New Plymouth!

  3. Hi Lis
    I'm glad you're enjoying our wonderful sunshine, but would agree it's a bit hot to sew and stamp.
    I would agree with Michelle, Taranaki has some awesome beaches and a wonderful mountain to explore!!!
    Enjoy your travels

  4. Thanks Michelle and Debbie,we will be heading your way...


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