Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothering Sunday (UK)

Happy Mothering Sunday Mummy.  Here's a beautiful frangipani flower for you.  It's not Mothering Sunday here until later in the year, May I think.

Today we have done something rather different - we've been to the local vintage steam railway!  We were driving elsewhere when we had to stop for a steam train to cross the road (you know what I mean) and so we decided to track (sorry) it down and see what was going on.  We had two 12km rides, a look around the workshops and a good lunch from the station cafeteria.

Later this afternoon we spent a lovely time at the Whitangi Waterfalls, where there's a great swimming hole - we were assured by the local children who were diving down the waterfall into the pool.  No, we didn't try it but we did enjoy sitting in the sunshine watching the water and listening to the birds and cicadas.  Bliss.


  1. It certainly sounds like a blissful way to spend Mothering Sunday. The frangipani are beautiful - I've heard about them before but never seen pictures.
    Teresa x

  2. O.K. so we only have chickens crossing our roads!
    Mummy appreciated the Mothers Day message- I understand that you caught her in the swimming hole!!
    At last we can begin to sing praises about our weather. Much warmer lots of sun which is most encouraging after weeks of snow, frost and cold winds. A copy of the Frangipani flower is now in mummy's diary.
    Continue to have fun, food and fizz.Love to you both.

  3. Hi Lis
    That looks like the Glenbrook Steam train to me, am I right? Pleased you are having such a great time and hoping we can catch up if you come down to the Wellington region.


  4. I wish I could send the frangipani scent over the internet too, it's wonderful, so heady and tropical.
    Yes Jenny, it was the Glenbrook railway, well spotted! I'll email our Wellington dates to you, I hope we can meet up too.


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