Friday, 12 March 2010

Relaxing back at basecamp

A much quieter day today and time to catch up with mundane stuff like the washing!  Actually it had the cheek to rain this morning so it wasn't so good for the washing but it is beautiful again now.
Glad to know there are signs of Spring at home at long last and Saz says there have been some lovely sunny days so that will encourage the flowers.  Autumn is coming along here with cooler mornings and evenings.  People are worried about us going down to the South Island (where it's only about 18C today) - will we have enough warm clothes?!  I think we'll be fine.
Tomorrow we are going up to the big city to the Pasifika Festival.  We've missed this on two previous visits to NZ as it's been too close to our flying home date.  Anyway, this year looks more promising.  It is a celebration of the various cultural groups that make up the Pacific nations and NZ and includes dancing, crafts and food.  I'll take my camera!


  1. What's happened to the WeatherPixie?? She's disappeared :( x

  2. Hi Lis, Nice to know it's all going so well. Envy you the Festival. Look forward to the photos.

  3. Don't know where the Weatherpixie has gone, away for the weekend maybe as it's lovely and sunny? Hmmm...


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