Friday, 19 March 2010

No Weather?

We just want you to know that the Weather Pixie has a server problem and will apparently be back as soon as possible! 

We didn't want you to think that we're hiding the fact that it's getting more and more Autumnal here!  The mornings and evenings are quite cool but it's still getting up to about 21C during the day - although the sun didn't actually come out today!  You can check on this weather map in the meantime.  Yesterday was a bit unusual according to the weatherman and it was only 3C overnight in Christchurch, golly, that's almost frosty.  Actually I went out in bare feet to put the washing on the line and my toes got decidedly icy yesterday morning.

When the pixie is back I'll set her to South Island where it'll be quite a lot cooler anyway - like going up to Scotland in October.  We leave Terry's on Tuesday to head southwards, catching up with some old and new friends on the way which we're really looking forward to. 

We then have about a month in South Island and I hope I can get access to computers to share photos of what promises to be stunning scenery with you.  I'm thinking I really should have brought a small computer with me (yours would have been ideal Sara...), it's easy to get a wireless connection but not so easy to actually find a PC although we've just found out that the libraries here provide free access if you can get the local students to move over. 


  1. Hello Elisabeth & Alan, the formal greeting is from you know who.
    We are both very low today-Tuesday- not able to shake off these colds. To cheer us up I made a proper cup of tea - cups, saucers, teapot, plates, custard tarts- the lot.As we finished, the post arrived- with a thud.... always exciting! Mysteriousparcel from N.Z. What a surprise- a book- as you know my only weakness!!!. What joy thankyou so much and for the photo of the frangipani- how beautiful I am a lucky

  2. You are so welcome Mummy, enjoy and I hope the custard tarts did a good job on the colds. Take care, love and hugs xxxx

  3. Hi there
    finally managed to get into the library in penzance and get up to date with all your adventures. We've been here for three weeks but we've been sooooo busy, Dorothy sewing, me reading, catching upi with old friends and stopping at most of the cooffee shops (as you have to!!)

    The weather here has been sunny everyday but the last two day have been rain - but no matter, all we want to do (and are doing) is to chill out.

    Hope Annie is still behaving herself. You seem to have done lots of miles and the South Island will mean a lot more. But it will be worth it - from Tv the scenery looks stunning, just don't climb too many mountains!

    Keep taking the photos, they are stunning.

    We go home this Ssatuirday so should be able to keep upi with your travels on a more regular basis.

    Lots of love

    Cyril & dorothy xxx

    PS Sorry Alan this is for Lis but I know you'll be thrilled? Lis you probably already know but there is a quilting exhibition at the V & A until July. After Japan this is what you need!!!!

    Take care both


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