Monday, 1 March 2010

Hot and Dry

All safe and dry.  The tsunami was not as bad as expected and there has been no damage.  The death toll from the earthquake in Chile continues to rise, however, which I guess you know about.  It was very impressive to see how well the Civil Defence people are equipped to deal with such things but even so people decided to go to the beaches to take a look, daft or what?
I had a successful shopping trip with Jude.  It's the end of the summer sales here so I managed to pick up a few goodies at nice prices, even with the awful (for us) exchange rates. 
Today we have been supermarket shopping for our hostel "kit" - we take a good mix of muesli that Al makes, some teabags and fruit juice and some snack goodies with us.  Then we'll buy fruit and dinner ingredients wherever we are.  Actually at Kahoe Farms Stefano makes the most yummy pizza and pasta dishes to order in the evening so we may only need breakfast while we're there.
It's been a bit humid today as the wind has dropped but it's lovely this evening - nearly eight o'clock and I'm just sitting by the open window typing this and then I'm going out to the deck for a drink with Al.  I did some sewing this afternoon but find the needle gets a bit sticky in the heat - I'm only saying that to brag about the weather for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere although we hear from Ben that it's been warmer, 6C he said!  Life's not bad eh?  Love and hugs to you all.

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  1. Good morning to the happy wanderers,
    Whilst spring is trying to welcome us in the U.K. we spoke with Ann in Piffond yesterday, were she has three of her trees blown down by the gales which struck France last week. She is looking for help in logging the debris!!.
    Your daily comments bridge the gap twix North and South, creating an interesting diary of your travels for 2010. Hyde Hall should be worth a visit if the weather contiues to improve. Thank you for all the news.
    Love A&Dxxx


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