Sunday, 28 February 2010

Still Stitching

I just wanted to say "hello" and assure you that I'm still here!
I am doing some sewing, although I'm finding it quite warm for working for very long at a time. I'm doing some sashiko in red on white and I'm making good progress with a journal quiltlet inspired by my time in Singapore - which I'll share when I've finished the top - and I'm reading your blogs but I'm not having a lot of time to post comments or join in all the fun that's happening in quilting blogland at the moment. 
That's not to say I'm not having fun myself of course, New Zealand is awesome and I'm getting lots of lovely quilty ideas from my travels.  I'm also hoping to meet up with some fellow bloggers in the near future and I'll certainly be posting about that and sharing the photos!


  1. So glad your enjoying your time in NZ Lis! It is very hard to handsew in this lovely warm weather though. I mostly do that sort of thing in the cooler evenings. Hope you kept away from the shorelines today although nothing really came of it!!

  2. Glad your having a good time, stay safe.

  3. Hi Liz
    Pleased you're having a great time, and are getting lots of inspiration. Take Care


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