Saturday, 20 February 2010

Aotearoa - Land of the Long White Cloud

Another photo from the plane, as we approached Auckland airport.


We are having a couple of days of settling in and sorting things out, hoping to get a car tomorrow.  Thank you for all your comments, it's lovely to keep in touch.  Some of you are having difficulty getting the photos so I've made these ones smaller and I hope they work okay, all looks right at this end.  Al spoke to Ben this morning and we understand it is a bit chilly at home so I hope you're all keeping warm and cosy.  I have acquired two mozzie bites so far - I could just see them lining up for a nibble of a new taste from the other side of the world!!  Lots of love and hugs to you all xxxx


  1. I seem to having problems sending a message. I've followed your instructions faithfully so here goes. It was great to catch up with your news and the photographs - wow!.
    I was telling a friend about your fishy foot spa but she couldn't get her head round it. the weather here is not chilly, its xxxxx freezing. Indeed yesterday we had more snow - oh joy. we are both looking forward to reading your further adventures but maybe not for a few days. We will have to get to penzance library and see if we can borrow a machine.

    take care

    lots of love

    C & D


    PS The photos come through fine on our aged (very aged)computer

  2. Glad all is arriving through cyberspace, have a great time in Cornwall. xx


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