Saturday, 27 February 2010

Been to the Big City

Just back from a great time in Auckland with Al's neice, Tina, and her family.  We had a very Kiwi evening on Friday - barbeque and watching cricket!  Just a shame that NZ were beaten by Australia.  They've pointed us in the direction of some good beaches and places to eat.  We'll be meeting up with them for a seafood platter at Swashbuckler's down by the waterside when we get back from Northland and hopefully heading out to Whatipu to enjoy the black sand beach.
We're all booked to go up to Kahoe Farms in Northland next week.  We stayed there in 2008 and Lyndsey and Stefano are just brilliant so we're really looking forward to a few days of beaches and wineries - life is hard eh?  They have some kune kunes on the farm who are just gorgeous. 
We actually had some rain on Thursday but it was warm rain!  Fine again now and the forecast is for a sunny week.  The locals are complaining of a slight chill in the air as autumn approaches but I can't say I've noticed, I'm certainly not searching frantically for a cardigan or bedsocks.
Hugs to you all xxx


  1. Enjoy Northland Liz. The seafood platter sounds yummie! Look forward to hear more about your kiwi adventure - Hugs Nat

  2. Hello you two. You appear to be firing on all cylinders now not only Annie! Food and weather sound bearable, Scotland is still under 15inches of snow at this end we have had a dry day shopping this morning in Borough Market S.E.1. Just the Thames nearby, no beaches to sunbathe on though.
    Have fun. Love A&D xx.


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