Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Good To Go

I've at last picked up three months' supply of my prescription medicines and I've seen my consultant today and been checked out so I'm good to go!
Getting the medicines was a bit of a nightmare.  We put in our request in plenty of time, in writing, and when we went to collect our drugs on Monday Al's were there but mine were not.  A quick chat with the pharmacist established that several items I'd ordered were out of stock.  Here comes the scary bit:  she asked whether I'd like her to order them in!  I was (very slightly) tempted to say,
"No, don't worry, I'm only going to the other side of the world for three months, I'll be fine without my prescribed medicines."
I didn't say that of course and today I was able to collect a boxful of stuff that is going to totally spook customs in Singapore if we're unlucky.
We were all packed but now Al is re-packing and has his luggage spread all over the sitting room floor and keeps asking me random questions about toothbrushes and waterproof trousers.  I'm going to check my case tomorrow, in the daylight it will all look better!  Most of the room in my case is taken up with the aforementioned pills and potions which is quite exciting because that will equal space for fabric and goodies on the way home.
It's snowing here at the moment so it's pretty amazing to think that in just over a week we will be in Singapore, currently 32 degrees Celsius, 94% relative humidity!

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  1. You are really in countdown mode now, aren't you!! We had a stop over in Singapore on the way to UK in 2008 and my biggest disappoinment was not been able to do "High Tea" at Raffles. That was because our only spare day was Singapore's National Day. So we wnet to Santosa Island instead.


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