Monday, 15 February 2010

Night Safari

Last night we had a great time at the Night Safari and here are some crossword answers for those of you that like such things:
Deer of various sorts - Sambar, Axis, Barking, Mouse, Barasingha, Thamin, Bongo, Lechwe and Oryx.
We hope that is helpful!
Although the deer were nice the most thrilling animal was the tiger, up close and stunning.  We also had a good view of otters and an amazing time with the enormous fruit bats.  They are about a metre across, very noisy and seem to love bananas!  A cross between cute and very worrying.
Today we had a lovely time, in very hot sunshine, at the Botanical Gardens, visited a quilt shop that was closed (it's a public holiday here) and we're just about to head out to find something to eat.  We're all checked in for our flight to Sydney tomorrow.
Singapore has been fantastic again, so much to do and see and such a safe and friendly place - we'll be back (all being well).


  1. There are so many types of deer, I think there are more than any other animal. Every country seems to have a few different ones. Looking forward to seeing pics.
    Teresa x

  2. The Night Safari is certainly an amazing night out, isn't it. It is so interesting seeing all these different animals that you probably haven't come across before. There was a thunderstorm the night we were there and the big bull elephant was getting very agitated!

  3. I'm so jealous about the tiger. Saz xx

  4. Great start to your travels. Certainly enjoy the Tigers before they disappear from our world.
    Not to be outdone we went to see the Lion of Boreham yesterday with Joyce & Ron. It is owned by the Blue Strawberry. The concensus of opinion
    was......very interesting!! Safe flight to Australia. Many thanks for some of your good weather which has just arrived.Love M&Dxx


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