Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Holiday Quilting Part IV

Heidi and Bobbi's next Friday Night Sew-In will be taking place on 19th February, please take a look at the details here and have a lot of fun joining in.  In January about 150 people all over the world took part, there are nearly 90 people signed up for February already so I think the Sew-In is like Topsy, it will "grow and grow".
I will be on a plane on 19th February and then probably feeling a little weary but I'm determined to join in (even though I'm unlikely to manage a Saturday morning post but you never know).  
Unless I get my needle confiscated by security officers I am going to do some sashiko on the plane.  I'll have my thread pre-cut into 18" lengths and I have one of those concealed blade thread cutters that I hope I'll get away with on the plane, if not I'll do all my end trimming later.  I have some fabric marked out with the Ganzezashi (sea urchin stitch) which I'm planning to work in red.  Sea urchins are a delicacy and in Japan this pattern was made to ensure a good catch by the fishermen.  I find working sashiko very calming and therapeutic and so it will be ideal to do while flying.
Please don't forget to visit my 100th post giveaway and I'd like to recommend a blog to you, go over to Bronwyn Hayes' glorious blog and enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee and a look at her fun and fantastic stitchery designs.


  1. With all the new airline regulations I hope they let you on with your needles etc. Have fun on your trip.

  2. I"d just like to say a big "thank-you" for recommending my blog!! It's also comforting to see another dedicated sewer having problems with plane security. I haven't yet had my needles or seam ripper confiscated (amazingly!!) but I've heard of so many others that have. One woman said her husband who's in customs- brings all those little items home as presents for her!! Once they're confiscated- you don't get them back.
    Anyway, have a great flight.
    Bronwyn ...

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope to see more of eachother!
    Have a safe trip and hope you can get some quilting done..... ;))

  4. That is great that you are taking Sashiko to stitch on the trip. I will too. I already made a copy from Susan Brisco's books. We have both of her books in our library. So lucky, she is your inspiration too. Good luck sneak-in the needle. I did it okay the last time. I'm in the Friday night sew-in again too. Will be thinking of you on that plane - hugs Nat

  5. Hi Lis, I've also put your blog on my bloglist, so I can follow your needlework..... :)) xx, Ria.


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