Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy New Year!

It's the Year of the Tiger and Valentines' Day here today - lots of celebrations.  We had a great time in Chinatown on Friday and the River Hongbao  festival was very exciting - click on the link to see what was happening.  We enjoyed some yummy Chinese food and enjoyed the party atmosphere down by the river.  Singapore looked fantastic all lit up and it was a bit cooler (but not much) by the evening!
We went to the Changi museum and memorial yesterday morning which was both shocking and inspiring - how the best and the worst in people is triggered by such situations is amazing.  There was a quilt!  Pictures to follow but try this changiquilts
I'm feeling much better now, no ill effects after the excitement of the flight - looking forward to the next one on Tuesday and I'll try to behave.  Thanks for all your messages, it's lovely to read them (especially to hear about the chilly weather at home).
This morning we're going to be a bit quieter, maybe a gentle stroll around an art gallery or Little India, we haven't decided yet, but tonight we're going to the Night Safari again as we enjoyed it so much on our last visit - and we've got to see tigers after all.
I'll add some photos to these posts when we get to Terry's in NZ - too much to try and do it on this hotel computer - can you believe we're sitting outside on the "verandah" using the computer and listening to the traffic and the occasional mynah bird?
Still love Singapore, it's an amazing place.  Loads of love to you all, Valentine kisses and hugs,  Lis and Al


  1. Glad you are feeling better, you don't want to peak to0 soon. Been to any quilt shops yet?Teresa


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