Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Say Hello to Annie


This is Annie.  She's a Honda Accord Stationwagon that we've bought from the local Honda garage on a guaranteed buy-back offer.  She's in pretty good condition and Al enjoys driving her.  Hopefully she'll get us around the South Island safely, and there's certainly plenty of room for all the stuff we tend to accumulate on our travels!  She has air-conditioning (essential) and is really comfortable.  The garage has always done her services so they know her which is reassuring.  Al wanted to polish her before I posted the pictures but I think she looks pretty good already so decided to go ahead!  We're going up to Auckland tomorrow, sorting out AA etc (there isn't a recipricol arrangement for UK members anymore which is a bit rubbish) and collecting loads of maps and then we'll sit down and decide where we're going.
Very warm and humid today, we walked home from town after I'd been to the quilt shop and the supermarket and were very glad of a nice cup of tea when we got back to Terry's.  And this is for Sam....we saw a beautiful butterfly (a very large Monarch).


  1. Hi Annie, you beauty! I'm sure she will be a great car to take you around the S-Island. The space in the back will carry all your quilting gears for your workshops. Enjoy your trip - Hugs Nat

  2. Hi Lis
    Sounds as though you're having a good time already. Dead jealous of the 21 degrees in New Zealand from the Weatherpixie. Still putting up with snow in Yorkshire!!
    Best wishes


  3. Hello happy wanderers,
    Great to hear everything is taking shape with Annie taking care of your travel arrangements. She appears to be an attractive model.
    Brief news from us. We have had terrible trouble with BT Router. Telephone lines being checkedand a new box- internet is on its way by post.We switched on this afternoon and the machine is alive with several wires disconnected!!! Should we go offline again you will know the reason.Love to you both.A&Dxxx


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