Thursday, 4 February 2010

Norfolk Quiltlet

I had hoped to get this little wallhanging completed before leaving for New Zealand.  That hasn't happened but I thought I'd share my progress with you.
I've finished the sashiko-style quilt stitching and am appliqueing (is there such a word?) marbled green bias tape to suggest reeds.
My 5 year old grandson, Wills, saw it tonight and pronounced it "pretty" and then "like a meadow with different heights of grass" - I'll take that thank you Wills!


  1. Kids are just great! An he's right: it looks very spring-like and your sashiko looks lovely to me!!
    Have a save trip!

  2. Your grandson is right. I like it, it looks great.

  3. Awesome, Lis! Your grandson was right! Safe travels! Lotsa love and hugs! Joan :-)

  4. I love it with Sashiko stitching. Glad you show us before you take off. I had eye candy last night of the pics from Tokyo Qiilt Festival at Jan's blog here is her link: Thought you might like to see - Have a safe trip Down under - Hugs Nat

  5. Your sashiko-style stitching is really neat and gives the effect of water very well! I'd love to have a go at sashiko sometime.
    If you want an honest opinion - ask a child!
    Teresa x


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