Friday, 12 February 2010

Steaming in Singapore

Hello everybody from steamy Singapore where it is currently sunny and 29C!!  We're about to go and explore Chinatown to see what's going on for Chinese New Year, expecting crowds, food and fun. 
We got our seats etc sorted out with Qantas after problems checking-in online but, alas, no seats anywhere near the pilot!  Good flight on a new A380 but I managed to be a drama queen and pass out!  A nice lay down in the aisle, a good dose of oxygen and electrolytes and then a good sleep and I'm feeling much brighter!  What a palaver.  Al was seated next to Emily, 19 years old from Portsmouth, travelling on her own to Australia and NZ after falling out with her friend who got herself an undesirable boyfriend (in Emily's opinion) and decided not to travel after all.  Emily seemed confident and we helpd her on her way at Changi.
Quite happy with Qantas, good food and pleasant service but no hot towels!  I watched "Amelia", about Amelia Earhart and Al enjoyed "Australia" and the Ricky Gervais "Man who told lies" film. All good.
Four more days here in Singapore and lots to do.  Our hotel is fine although we have a (fake) leopard skin headboard which is little surreal to say the least.
Lots of love to you all, will be in touch again soon.
Hugs, Lis and Al xx


  1. Quite an eventful first 'leg'. I'm looking forward to the next installment! I don't like flying because it gives me vertigo!

    WHAT SOME PEOPLE WILL DO FOR ATTENTION. GLAD THE FLIGHT WAS ENJOYABLE. You did well getting away from more snow and bitterly cold weather.
    Love A & D.xx

  3. What a fun trip you are having already. Glad you got everything sorted out. Enjoy a few days in Singapore and looking forward to hear more from Sydney and NZ - Hugs Nat

  4. Oh dear, that was certainly quite a bit of drama on the plane, one you could have done without, I would think. Have fun in steamy Singapore. Do you know about Newton Circus, a large outdoor eating area with numerous food stalls where all the locals eat? Well worth a visit.

  5. I hope you're coping with the Singapore heat OK. Celebrating Chinese New Year in Singapore must be awesome. Sorry to hear you had a bit more attention than expected on the first leg. Must have been the stress of having to force all those shoes into the case! Enjoy Singapore

  6. What are we going to do with you, now I know where Emma gets it from!! Glad you arrived safely though, take loads of photos and enjoy the heat, it's freezing here!!
    Love to you both, Jane xx

  7. So glad you're finally on your way. Have a wonderful time, look forward to seeing you when you get home. Trish T.

  8. Pleased you made it OK, even if you did want to test out the flight attendants first aid!
    Everything here has gone smoothly and we're looking forward to Cornwall at the end of the month. Will try and log on occasionally at penzance library but visits will be intermittent. In the meantime enjoy yourselves.


    C & D

  9. Why does the drama queen behaviour not come as too much of a shock?! Hope the other stages of the journey go considerably better! Love you, S&S xxx


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