Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Quilters' Meeting

I have had an amazing day today, I met up with a quilting friend that I had previously only known via the internet.  Katrina is part of a small group of quilters called The Global Piecers formed as a result of Fiona Marie's Great Global Christmas Swap and today I met her!  Of course we had to decide on a good place to meet - how about a quilt shop?!  Here we are admiring a lovely Kiwiana wallhanging in Cushla's in Devonport.  We got along brilliantly, did some shopping (of course) and then had a great brunch together.  These are the things that tempted me:
And this is a lovely heart that Katrina had stitched just for me:


  1. What a lovely meeting you and Katrina had!! And such a great present you got!
    Love the fabrics and other cuties!!

  2. Full of envy here. Katrina looked lovely and so did the shop. Those buttons sooo nice what are they made from?

  3. Hey Lis, what fun you met up with fellow quilter. I know I know Cushla and a must visit for me too. MIL lives in Takapuna not too far from Devonport.

  4. hi lis,georgie here in sunny stickford just wanted you to know i have been following your adventure and enjoying it!wish i was there.
    take care love
    georgie xxx

  5. Isn't it great to meet up with quilty internet friends. You have things in common and so much to talk about!

  6. I'm so jealous that you got to meet Katrina! Maybe someday we will all be able to meet somewhere. And what a gorgeous pressie! I am glad you are having so much fun and LOVE the shopping (retail therapy). Lotsa love and hugs!

  7. It was a great day :) The buttons are made from paua shell Teresa, they're gorgeous aren't they? I think we also call the shell abalone. You can eat the flesh of the paua and it's often made into fritters. The shell is polished and used in a lot of Maori craft in the way we might use mother of pearl, it's also used a lot to make souvenirs - jewellery etc.

  8. Hi Lis, It must be lovely to meet up with a fellow blogger. The heart Katrina gave you is so sweet.
    I must also let you know that I've received my parcel and must thank you soooooo much for the beautiful things. The fabric is wonderful and you are so generous with all the little extras you added. I will show what I make with it but must warn you that it may be some time coming. I'll also blog about it when I've taken some photos. Thanks so much once again.
    Teresa x

  9. Thanks for letting me know Lis. It's lovely to see you and Katrina together in Auckland and I love what you chose to buy. I have a stash of Paua Shell buttons too. Have a great time!


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