Tuesday, 21 December 2010

21st December 2010 - An Auspicious Day

This image was taken from the BBC website and you can also see a video sequence of the lunar eclipse on that site.
Here in Lincolnshire it was too cloudy to see anything :( 
It seems to be a very auspicious day today with the Lunar Eclipse this morning occuring on the day of the Winter Solstice and tonight is a Full Moon.  Tomorrow the days will start getting longer, can Spring be on the way?
We are still very cold, no more snow here for a few days but the landscape is frosted like a massive Christmas cake and yesterday the "high" here was minus 6C, at night it went down a lot further.  DH husband said we'd burned the whole day's logs before breakfast!  Fortunately though we are able to get out and around, unlike some parts of the country where the airports are closed and all trains cancelled.  Britain has the reputation of grinding to a halt when three snowflakes fall so it's sort of comforting to learn that there are similar problems with the extreme weather across many European countries too.
I hope you are keeping warm where you are, unless you're one of my "downunder" followers then I hope you are keeping cool!

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  1. I wanted to take some photo of the eclipse but it was cloudy here too so I just stayed in my warm bed and slept. Sorry I missed it.


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