Thursday, 16 December 2010

Buttons and Bonnets

Snowing again today and we're looking after older grandson, Wills, as his school is closed - no heating!  Still he made a good model for my finished Roses from the Heart bonnets which will be heading off on their journey to Tasmania as soon as I get to the post office.

It was rather strange to stitch one with my own name.

My beloved hanged my button wreath this morning and was rather impressed with it, thanks Catherine :)
If the snow is returning to where you are please keep warm and safe.


  1. What a brave boy Will's is my boys would never pose for me like that especially with a bonnet on! I love it! The button wreath looks great too!

  2. Wonderful that you are so involved in the bonnet project, great work. LOve the button wreath too! It's not snowing down, here in New Zealand, but it is raining and quite warm!

  3. Very impressed that Wills would have his photo taken in a bonnet. He must be very patient and easy going perhaps. Really like your version of the button wreath! The bells at the bottom are beautiful.
    Stay warm Lis!

  4. Great bonnets and what a cutie! How much snow have you had? It seems like it's been snowing a lot there!

  5. I love the idea of the bonnets, so special! And I love your model :-)

  6. I just left all that nasty snow in NY. The bonnets are sweet. I like the button wreath, what a clever idea.


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