Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Sewing

Now that everything is safely in the post I can share what I've been doing.  Below are my "A Touch of Bling" fabric postcards for the BQLPC Christmas swap.  As I had 18 cards to make I kept them quite simple (and made a note to self to start earlier next year, ha ha).  I loved the gold ric-rac that I found in John Lewis and hope the recipients enjoy the cards.  I am currently receiving a lovely selection of cards in return and several people have successfully machine-stitched with metallic threads, something I've always struggled with.  Helen, a member of BQL, sent me this email:

I was talking to the man from BarnYarns about this just last weekend.... here is what he said!
"Use a metallic needle OR even better a topstitch titanium coated needle. Make sure the thread is good quality - he says to unwind a length and hold the loose end in one hand and the spool in the other a foot or so apart letting the thread fall in a loop. If the thread makes a nice smooth curve it should sew great if the needle and tension are correct. If the thread twists or loops you may as well throw it away as it will cause hours of frustration and tears....." 

Thank you Helen.

This is the Christmas block I've made for Global Piecers' block swap.  You'll probably recognise the fabrics from my posts about my purchases at Festival of Quilts.  The pattern was adapted (slightly) from one on a magazine that Cara sent me, American Quilting Magazine's "Quilting for Christmas".  In the pattern by Wendy Sheppard, called "Poinsettia Fiesta", four blocks are used with sashing and a border to make a 36" square table centre cloth or a festive wallhanging.
My next post will be my 200th!  There will be a final question to get you more entries in my giveaway and I'll show you what could be on it's way to you if you're the lucky winner.  Don't forget you can still get extra entries here, here and here.
Kristen asked where the photos on my Question Four/Inspiration post were taken, saying they are "dead on for the style of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain".  They are of the same Moorish influence.  I've added details to that post now, thank you Kristen.


  1. Absolutely LOVE the poinsettia!

  2. 18! Gosh you are brave! The poinsettia is wonderful!

  3. Wow what a postcard swap...18 thats some stitching and they look lovely! LOVE the pointsettia...that is THE christmas flower for me :-)

  4. Love both the cards and the block! Thanks for the tip on metallic threads, I too find them rather frustrating.


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