Thursday, 30 December 2010

To Do List for 2011

A Christmas celebration with big grandson, Wills, yesterday
brings me nearly to the end 2010 and to that time of year when thoughts wander to resolutions, lists of things to do etc etc.
My dear friend, Michelle, has been blogging her "Goals" and seems to be making good progress in tackling them (well done on the nets Michelle) and I wondered if making them public had helped.
Like so many of us I have quilting projects in various states of development from
a twinkle in my eye  
brand new carefully chosen fabrics, threads and pattern 
a bag of cut, partially stitched and abandoned cloth
So I thought I would go public too.

Firstly though, drum roll for a finish please!
The quilt, now called "In the Pink", I was making for my DD, with fabric we chose in Spring 2009, is finished and all ready for her to enjoy.  She worked with me on developing the design, which was inspired by "Daisy Blue" by Marie Kruger in Patchwork & Quilting magazine (197, June 2010).  There have been some hiccoughs - I will never, ever hand sew through batik fabric on steam-a-seam again (hopefully) - but I am very pleased with the finished quilt as I hope Sara will be when she sees it.  Until she does I can't show you the whole thing but here's another tease.  
(The first tease was here).

I have found some lovely tutorials on Catherine's blog and definitely want to make these two:

crayon roll tutorial

quilted potholder tutorial

but here I go again with planning new projects....back to the list...

I've had a sort out and a think and some projects have been adandoned, probably forever. They are the sort of things that might end up in a UFO swap but I am not going to feel guilty about them, I must have learned something from the work I did do on them.
Then I have prioritised the projects I am going to finish.  As I'm typing this I have a feeling I've been here before!
My Wiggly Nine Patch remains layered and pinned but I have finally decided how I'm going to quilt it so that will be my first 2011 project.
I didn't get my sampler quilt finished in time for the cold weather so I must finish it early in 2011.  It needs a lot of work still and I think I feel rather overwhelmed by it even though I've had some great suggestions from you for finishing it. 
After those I feel I shall deserve a new project so I shall start and finish a quilt using the blocks from "Round and Round le Jardin" using Japanese fabrics.  This was from a worshop with Jane Bottomley and the quilt has received a lot of compliments.
Between these big projects I also have to make some more kanzashi - fabric flowers.  I was going to write a tutorial but there's a great one by Sandy here.  Thanks Sandy.
I also have an ongoing commitment to BQL fabric postcard swaps and Global Piecers swaps.
So, my to do list for the beginning of 2011 is:
  1. Quilt and finish Wiggly Nine Patch.
  2. Complete Sampler Quilt - sashing, assembling, layering & basting, quilting, finishing, phew.
  3. Japanese Round and Round the Garden quilt project.
  4. Kanzashi (portable project)...BQL Fabric Postcards...Global Piecers swaps.
I'm not setting time limits on these but I'm not going to start anything new until they are finished and when I've done Number 1 I'll add another to the list, the postcards and Global Piecers will remain as continuous projects of course.  That's the plan anyway, are you full of good intentions for 2011?


  1. I am indeed full of good intentions. There are 8 quilts on my list, that are in various states of doneness. 3 involve complicated machine piecing, 2 hand piecing, 2 applique and 1 that is 1/2 way hand quilted. Oh...then I'll need to quilt the pieced and appliqued ones. Hmmm. Better get busy.

  2. I am full of admiration for such a magnificent plan. My resolution is quite simple I am simply NOT ALLOWED to start anything new until I have finished the two quilts I am working on.One's my autumn log cabin and the other a winding ways. Lovely to see all the family photos Lis. Best wishes for the New Year from up here.

  3. I hope I can get some of my undone's done as well. I am not planning like a lot of you are, maybe I should, but I will just keep going and see how many I can get done. Sometimes you have to be in the "mood" to work on some of them. Why is that?

  4. Hi Lis
    Looking forward to seeing some of your finishes! Can I add another one to that list? A certain fabric panel that I am sure is hiding away in your sewing room, Lol Yeah I know I'll have to add it to mine too;oP

  5. Good luck with finishing your WIP's. A great idea to make them public! Might have to do one of these lists as well. Both the potholder and crayon roll are projects easily achieved in a couple of hours once you've gathered your supplies.

  6. What a great list...can't wait to see your finished projects! Let the fun!



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