Saturday, 18 December 2010

Friday Night Sew-In: Saturday Morning Report, December 2

I pieced the backing for Sara's quilt during the second December FNSI last night but couldn't face the layering and tacking so I made a few more kanzashi and then called it a night and attacked the block of Whittaker's Peanut chocolate that lovely Michelle sent me all the way from New Zealand! 
Today I've cleared the decks, the wadding is relaxing all ready to go and I'm about to tackle my least favourite job in making a quilt. 
I'm just going to put off that moment for a little longer by sharing this photo with you - my daughter and my younger grandson, Sam, (also known as His Imperial Samness) stirring the Christmas cake mixture, I hope their wishes come true.
Okay, can't put it off any longer - what's your least favourite part of quiltmaking?

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  1. I must admit I hate basting the layers, next time I'm going to try spray basting with small quilt. I hope you shared the chocolate, Lol! And can you give His Imperial Samness a hug from me, he is so cute! Hugs to you too :oD


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