Friday, 3 December 2010

Giveaway Question Four and Lots of Photographs

Photo-heavy post today...

Minus 12C last night, not much better this morning and now we have freezing fog too, brrrr.  I nipped out and took these shots while my porridge was cooking this morning.

Lots of inspiration for a winter themed quilt or wall hanging there.
I took lots of photos in Marrakech to go in the "Inspiration" file, here are a few (plus one of Saz and Sam just because I like it).
(Thank you to Kristen for asking where the photos were taken, I've now added that information,  5th December 2010)
The first was a wall plaque in the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech.
These are details from the decoration in the garden pavilion in the Menara Gardens in Marrakech.

The following photographs were all taken in the Ben Youssef Medersa, the Islamic school attached to the Ben Youssef Mosque.

This is the stunning decoration to the front of Menara airport:
Finally, Sara's hand with henna decoration which we had done in the souq!
Which brings me to today's Giveaway Question.

Where do you find inspiration for your quilts?

Don't forget you can still get extra entries in my 200th post giveaway by answering questions two and three .  Thanks for playing along, I'm enjoying getting to know a little more about my followers, have a great weekend.


  1. I find a lot of inspiration out there in blogland and from my own back yard, nature gives us such a variety of colours textures and patterns. I am just awed by the snow flake patterns, amazing! Great photo's

  2. Wow I thinkyou gave us all a whole load of inspiration this morning Lis! Like Michelle, loads from blogland, nature, and bizaarly from conversations! Just one comment can lead to a whole new train of thought in a creative direction. Keep warm! Clear and bright here, if a lot chilly!

  3. If I had come home with those photos...I'd be designing a whole cloth applique that looks like the carving in the 5th photo. Good thing I didn't go...I have too much to do as it is.

  4. I get inspired from the amazing people in blogland... other times, the fabric speaks to me (hope that doesn't sound corny).

  5. Loads of inspiration in your pictures!
    I find bloggy land a huge source of inspiration

  6. There is so much inspiration in Blogland. My inspiration is from the decals on the old sewing machines. There is so much variety and colour. Many are oh so different. The other inspiration and momentum is by belonging to like-minded Yahoo Groups where there is wither a challenge to finish something by a certain date, a swap or inspriation from their quilts that leads your mind to thinking.

  7. I get inspiration from fabrics, especially scraps of fabrics. I feel so different when I start playing with scraps - there is an excitement that is deep inside me. I am usually exhausted after too.

  8. I don't do quilts but my inspiration for my wooly stuff comes mostly thru blogging. I also use nature and the beautiful colours and scenery around me, its the little details that make the difference :-) Loved all the lovely photos....lots of inspiration there in all those gorgeous shapes and patterns!

  9. Where are those picture taken? In the same building? They are dead on for the style of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

    Everyone who blogs has such great ideas. I start from there.

  10. I get a lot of inspiration from blogland, but I also get a lot more from just walking around in the world wherever I happen to be at any given time. Right now I am very inspired by rust and decay and trying to work out how to incorporate those things into a quilt for myself or my father.

  11. From quilt-y blogs & magazines.
    Congrats& Thanks for the chance!

  12. Just realized I hadn't joined into this question, re "inspirations"

    Well, where do mine come from?, a myriad of places. I once made a bold but spectacular quilt using the colours from plants growing together in a pot at my front door, purple petunias, red salvias and green leaves. Another was using colbolt blue, raspberry pink and lime green all based on a piece of fabric with those colours. Ideas for patterns come often from other's quilts, paintings and fiddling with blocks but colour is probably what I most I enjoy working with..

    Yvonne - the ragpicker

  13. Fabulous photos Lis! The architecture is wonderful - I can see why you get inspiration from it. My inspiration usually starts with the fabrics I have - since I use mostly recycled materials I use what I have rather than get what I want to use.
    Teresa x

  14. I have similar photos Lis - who would have thought there is so much quilting information here in Marrakech!


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