Saturday, 11 December 2010

Giveaway Winner and FNSI Saturday Report

We have two Friday Night Sew Ins this month, the first was last night and the second is next Friday, you can sign up here.
I only stitched until 9 p.m. last night - Strictly Come Dancing semi final, poor Matt, the judges were beyond unkind - and worked on bonnets for the Roses from the Heart project.  The one photographed (made by machine) is already on its way to Christina in Tasmania and last night I decided to hand sew the next two.  I feel more in touch with the convict girls doing that.  Christina has allocated me girls with my own surname, I haven't found out if any are actually rellies but I'm still working on my family history so you never know what will turn up.
I have little information about Ann Elizabeth Harwood.  She was transported to Van Dieman's Land for life, sailing from London on 22 May 1820 on the Morley and arriving in VDL on 29 August 1820.  She was given a Conditional Pardon on 21 November 1836.
I started a bonnet for Elizabeth Harwood last night.  Elizabeth was transported for 7 years for Larceny. She was convicted of stealing £17 from a man. She was a widow with children and left London on the ship, New Grove, on 25 November 1834, arriving in VDL on 27 March 1835.  In a surgeon's report Elizabeth is assessed as:  Good - thought at time to be of unsound mind.  She received a Certificate of Freedom in 1842.
I am also making a bonnet for Esther Harwood (aka Howard).  She left from Portsmouth on the Lady Penrhyn on 13 May 1787 after her trial in London on 20th (probably) August 1787 and arrived in VDL after a voyage of 252 days with 100 other females on 22 January 1788.
I have heard recently from Christina Henri that she has received 20 000 bonnets, leaving only 5 566 to be made for there to be one for every convict girl.  It's not too late to be involved with this great project so please take a look at Christina's website and blog and at my previous posts here, here and here.

Okay, here's what you want to know...

...but first, I want to thank you all again for taking part in my 200th post giveaway and for being followers of this blog.  Welcome to my new followers too.  I have enjoyed reading all your comments, not just for this giveaway but also over the last 200 posts.  It's always a joy when I find that someone has read what I've shared and then taken the time to comment on it, THANK  YOU
I would have loved you all to win but I am particularly delighted to announce that the winner is one of my very early followers, somebody who helped me with my blog when I was getting started and somebody who I met this year and found to be as delightful in real life as in blogland. The winner is

Well done my friend, please let me have your address in wonderful New Zealand and I'll have the goody bag on it's way to you.
Now onwards to the next 200 posts and thank you again, you are all wonderful.  Have a great weekend.


  1. What an interesting project you are participating in! I don't have relatives in Australia so probably no history there. My sister is married to an Australian though. I'll have to ask him about how his family got there.

  2. Wish I was as productive when watching Strictly but haven't sewn, though I ought to. I think Gavin is going to leave and either Matt or Scott (notice they had the same scores on Saturdays prog). The girls both have the final in their sights.
    It's interesting to read that you have a connection with the girls that went to Australia.


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