Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow

I've just been for a little walk along the lane to take a few photographs of our white world.

A "view" across to the Lincolnshire Wolds - honestly, they're in there somewhere!

My beloved doing his Scott of the Antarctic impersonation:

These beautiful roses in my front garden are doing their best but I think their days are numbered:

I walked back into the house to find Sal, my Great Global Christmas Swap partner from last year and fellow Global Piecer, on the phone from Australia.  We had a great chat while Al made a nice cup of tea and put more logs on the fire.  Keep warm and keep stitching.  Please don't forget to enter my giveaway, question two here and question three here.  I'll have another question for you tomorrow.


  1. I've just posted snowy pics too. Car's buried but I've been out walking down to the town and back as there's not been any snowfall today unlike yesterday's showers.

    Heard from my Mum today that they've had 6" in Dorset, so they're not immune from it either

  2. I know what you will be singing, "Let it snow let it snow", at the top of your voices while sitting in front of the roaring fire.

    Mmmm, it's lovely and warm here this morning, perhaps I'll sit out on the deck in the sunshine with a cuppa!

  3. Thanks for the great pics, we still have a little snow on the mountain but not for much longer, we are apparently having record highs for this season! Keep cozy and warm, hugs, Michelle

  4. You got more snow than we have here. Love it so very pretty, don't like to deal with it as in driving etc. Love the photo of the rose with the snow on it.


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