Thursday, 16 December 2010

Oooh, Muji Online, thanks Susan

Susan posted about her shopping trip to Birmingham and innocently included a link to Muji
That's me done for after Christmas, I've resisted the very strong urge to put an order in today!  I adore that shop and didn't think about looking online for them, but just savoured any (rare) opportunities I had to visit a branch.  Lovely things, Japanese utility and design, I love the "in a bag" range, including London in a bag and Japanese garden in a bag, yummy jasmine tea, stationery supplies to delight any addict, take a look, you'll enjoy it.


  1. Hey Liz, this is a great shop. I had a good look at everything there. We can do with MUJI in Melbourne - Thanks for sharing - Hugs Nat

  2. I am a fan of Muji & also a fan of Japanese fabrics! In the past few years, I am lucky to have collected quite a stash but sadly, have to leave here soon. Warm wishes from Tokyo, Japan!

  3. Thanks. Sounds great I'm off to check it out

  4. Ooh, you naughty girl! What a deep well of temptation! Great store.


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